Pokies also called slots are games that are found in many land-based and online casinos. Playing them is usually fun and they also offer impressive payouts. In this guide, we will discuss the mechanics of online pokies. Visit newzealand-online-casino to find top casinos that feature the best pokies.

Online Pokies - Understanding RNG

RNG which is an acronym for Random Number Generator is a computer algorithm that is embedded in every online pokie. What this algorithm does is to randomize and generate the outcome of the spins on pokies so that all players can have equal winning chances.

  1. Pokies use RNG to randomize their outcome
  2. The RNG is set by the developer

The RNG of an online casino game is created by the software provider of the game, and it's well-protected so that hackers will not tamper with it. Because of the randomization nature of the RNG, it's impossible for players to accurately predict the outcome of a pokie hame.

Structure and Layout of Online Pokies

The main playing area of an online pokie is the grid. It's a matrix that is made up of rows and columns. On this grid, the symbols of the game will appear depending on how it is programmed. Online pokies also have paylines that determines the winning pattern

Paylines can either be fixed on flexible depending on the slot you are playing. For fixed payline, players won't be able to specify the number of lines to activate as the entire payline is activated by default. Flexible paylines, however, allows you to specify the lines to activate.

How to Bet on Online Pokies

Betting on online pokies is not difficult at all. In fact, it does not require any skill. Every pokie game comes with a bet field which is usually below the playing grid. All you need to do is specify the amount you want to wager in the field.

For some online pokies, they come with a coin value and bet level field which can be adjusted. By adjusting these fields you will be able to set the wager amount. Note that pokies have a minimum and maximum amount of money you can bet.

The Spinning Action

Once you've placed your bets, the next thing you need to do is press the Spin button and the grid begins to rotate. The spinning pattern of each game varies from one to the other. Some might be in a zig-zag pattern while others can be circular.

  • Online pokies can be played on desktop computers and mobile devices
  • There is a minimum and maximum bet you are allowed to place.

While the reels are spinning, you can get lucky and make wins in the game. Usually, players are required to land a minimum of three identical symbols of a payline to win. We suggest that you should check the game's information to know the full rules that apply.

Bonus and Technical Feature

To make pokies more interesting for players, many game developers add several bonus features such as multipliers, free spins and re-spins. These bonus features can be triggered randomly based on specified combinations, and they can give players a chance to play more rounds for free or make more wins.

As with all casino games, slots also come with an RTP value. Before you select a slot to play, we recommend that you check this value to know what to expect from it. Additionally, take a look at the volatility of the game whether it is high or low.